CARBONE ™ Series

Carbone™ Series PVC and CPVC Schedule 80 fittings incorporate and exceed major international standards for industrial piping solutions. This product line incorporate rigorous aspects of European, Canadian and Japanese systems in areas such as testing, molding, chemical resistance, marketing, temperature considerations and aesthetic design. Carbone series represents the latest, cutting-edge technology in the field of industrial plastics, applied to ASTM Standard D-2467, Schedule 80.

PVC and CPVC products marked “Carbone” are time stamped for traceability of the manufacturing process and individual machine where the item is injected. Twin time clocks indicate the month and year of manufacture. Markings on external packaging reflect batch numbers, which are maintained for fifteen years. Reported product failures in the field or in application may be traced to point and country of delivery, so as to avoid future complications.

Carbone™ Series has been re-engineered to improve upon the following areas which typically affect plastic piping systems:

• Tolerance-issues
• Smooth-flow of process-media
• Expansion and contraction related inconsistencies
• Cross-standard adaptability