JACO compression fittings typically cost less than metal fittings and they offer better resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Additionally, we offer four different plastic resins for a range of applications dealing with temperatures, acids and chemicals. JACO plastic fittings offer these additional advantages:

• Good electrical insulating qualities which eliminate electrolytic action that usually corrodes tubing when dissimilar metal meets a fitting.
• The ability to absorb mechanical and acoustical vibrations because of the low density and softness of plastic.
• An inherently low resistance to flow, due to smooth internal surface.
• A resistance to scale buildup.

(P) Polypropylene has good chemical resistance. Material is rated at – 30 to 215°. Opaque, white color. Unaffected by most weak acids and alkalies. Below 175°F it has good resistance to organic solvents. Do not use with oxidants or strong acids or in continuous sunlight. N.S.F. listed. 20% glass filled for improved stiffness.

(K) Kynar, a polyvinylidene fluoride, has outstanding chemical resistance for handling highly corrosive fluids. Material rated at -80 to 275°, with a cloudy, white color. F.D.A listed, N.S.F. Listed.