Unistrut Spring Nuts, various threaded hole diameters and finishes

The Spring Nut is a Key Component of the Unistrut Metal Framing System

The spring nut is very often overlooked. When most people think of metal framing systems, they tend to only think about the Unistrut channel, Unistrut fittings and pipe clamp. Despite that fact, Unistrut hardware is an integral part of the core functionality of the Unistrut system – especially spring nuts and channel nuts.

There are two basic categories that channel nuts fall into: channel nuts without springs, and channel nuts with springs, or spring nuts.

it’s a channel nut, with a spring on one side, that slides inside of a piece of strut channel. The spring takes up the extra space inside the channel, keeping the nut flush against the inturned edges of the channel, so you don’t need an extra hand to hold it in place, while you’re busy trying to affix parts and tighten them down. The length of the spring helps determine which channel profiles the spring nut can be used in: longer springs for deeper channels and shorter for shallow channel.

Channel nuts, including spring nuts, typically have a threaded hole in the middle which is used to attach fittings to the strut. Unistrut nuts are available with a variety of hole sizes, to accept a range of hex head cap screw (hex bolt) sizes . There are even spring nuts with bolts built in; these are called stud nuts, and they can make the assembly process very quick and efficient.