Ultrasonic Level Meter

Ultrasonic level sensor combines ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, ultrasonic servo circuit, transmission circuit and uses SMD components and ASIC. All these features realize a concise and smart level transmitter.


  • Liquid level measurement
  • Solid level measure
  • Beverages level monitoring
  • Non contact measurement in farm warehouse


  1. Support M49*1.5 mm threaded into type installation and coil clamping type installation
  2. Less than 9°C Beam angle design ,less than 200ms responsible time to make sure more accuracy
  3. Housing adopts the NLEPE synthetic material IP66 waterproof
  4. High quality terminal blocks ,Excellent anti-jamming is strong, long term stability

Technical Data

Level Range 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m
Accuracy 0.5%-1.0%
Analog output
4-line system, 4~20mA/ 510Ω load
2-line system, 4~20mA/ 250Ω load
Relay output 2 groups (i.e. AC 250V/ 8A or  DC 30V/ 5A) optional, state programmable
Resolution 3mm or 0.1%FS (Max of them)

Power supply

Standard configuration: 24VDC

Optional: 220V AC+15%  50Hz

Ambient temp. Display instrument: -20~+60ºC

Probe: -20~+80ºC

Communication 485, 232 communication (optional) (manufacturer agreement)
Display English language display: Level measurement

Distance measurement, transmission value

Water Proof Display instrument: IP66, probe: IP68