LeQua Conductivity Transmitter


  • 96×96 intelligent online conductivity transmitter;

  • Outdoor waterproof type design;

  • Large LCM screen for easy reading;

  • Multiparameter display: on the same screen, conductivity, output current, temperature, digital communication, upper limit control;

  • The conductivity temperature compensation coefficient and TDS
    conversion coefficient can be adjusted freely;

  • Dual-circuit relays can control conductivity and temperature
    separately, and the hysteresis can be adjusted freely;

  • LCD backlight can be selected, energy-saving mode, automatic
    shutdown at regular time;

  • Password management function to prevent misoperation by nonprofessionals.


Widely used in scientific experiment equipment, chemical. pharmaceutical. environmental protection, metallurgy, papermaking, food, beverage, water supply, RO, ultrapure water, cooling water, boiler water, industrial process and water treatment and other water quality monitoring.