Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter


  • The patented intelligent software for acoustic wave technology enables intelligent echo analysis without any debugging or special procedures. This technology possesses dynamic thinking and dynamic analysis capabilities.
  • The, possession of patent~ed intelligent ,acoustic wave technology significantly enhances the accuracy of the instrument, with a liquid level accuracy of 0.3% and the ability to resist various interference waves.
  • This instrument is a noncontact device, avoiding direct contact with the liquid, resulting in a low failure rate.
  • The instrument provides multiple installation methods and users can calibrate the instrument using this manual.
  • All input and output lines of the instrument are equipped with protection functions against lightning and short circuits.


The split-type ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is use ~d in conjunction with Parshall Flu me, TrianguIar Weir, Rectangular Weir and Trapezoidal Weir to measure the flow rate of water in channels. It is suitable for liquid measurement and is mainly used to measure the flow rate of sewage treatment plants/ sewage discharge outlets of enterprises and institutions, urban sewers, and irrigation canals in agricultural water conservancy.